Police report on Ladds Circle enforcement

I just received a report on Wednesday’s enforcement mission at Ladds Circle from Traffic Division Sergeant Mike Fort:

Normally, I would just report the statistical results from an enforcement mission, but this mission in Ladd Circle was so dynamic, that I am obligated to share much more of the story. Traffic officers worked this location because of a specific complaint from a neighborhood resident that said he and his wife were hit by different bicyclists on different dates. Most violators were referrred to the Share the Road Safety Class.

No less than a dozen people from all modes of transportation contacted us during the mission, and thanked the police for “finally doing something about the bicycle problem that has been going on for years….” People on bikes, cars, and walking their dogs approached us with unsolicited offers of thanks and encouragement.

Attached is a photograph (above) of some the enforcement activity that shows bicycles and motor vehicle violator contacts as well as a bicycle in the distance that ran the stop sign at Ladd Ave. and was later stopped. This photo shows the dynamics of this area that is full of multi-users including pedestrians that cross streets during routine neighborhood walks.

Additionally, I personally witnessed three incidents that nearly resulted in serious crashes. One of those incidents was a bicyclist that passed two other bicyclists that had stopped, and just started to go again, when he passed by their left through the stop sign at nearly 20 mph, then cut to the right in front of them causing them to veer away to avoid collision. All this happened while a car had just passed in the circle.

Finally, at two different times, two different cyclists warned other cyclists that police were working the stop signs.

In spite of those warnings, here are the numbers:

DATE: Wednesday, April 11, 2007
TIME: 0730-0930
LOCATION: Ladd Circle, Southeast Portland
OFFICERS: Seven (7) Motorcycle Officers




So that’s the Police perspective on the situation.

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