Bike Oasis coming to Sandy Boulevard

Location of bike oasis

Hawthorne Boulevard isn’t the only street in Portland that will get a much-anticipated “bike oasis” by the end of this summer.

As part of their Sandy Boulevard Resurfacing and Streetscape project, PDOT will install one on the south side of Sandy Blvd, at the intersection of Sandy, Hancock, and 43rd.

According to PDOT project manager Chris Armes, they will replace the concrete at an existing curb extension to build the footing for the oasis. She says she expects it to be installed by the beginning of this June.

The oasis was designed by noted Portland architecture firm Browning-Shono and they are being built by Hogan Fab in southeast Portland.

Here’s a conceptual mock-up from Browning-Shono:

I can’t wait to see how these turn out and its great to hear the city is using them in multiple locations. Stay tuned!

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