Columbia River Crossing forms bike and ped committee

[Cyclists navigate the I-5 Bridge]

The Columbia River Crossing Project is rounding up bicycle and pedestrian advocates to sit on an advisory committee.

Here’s the email invite:

“You have been identified as a potential member of the Columbia River Crossing project’s Pedestrian and Bicycle Advisory Committee.

The committee will meet every four to six weeks over the next several months to review and provide input on pedestrian and bicycle issues and needs in the project study area.”

Their first meeting is planned for March 28th.

In the future, I hope bike and ped advocates have much louder and clearer voices at the inception of major transportation projects. This project for instance is about much larger and more important issues than simply getting a nice, wide bike path over the bridge.

In other CRC news, today is the first meeting of the Rex Burkholder-led subcommittee to find a sensible alternative to the $6B mega-highway bridge (more at the Portland Tribune).

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