Some streets are made for dancing, not driving

Last night was the Last Thursday art celebration on NE Alberta Street. As usual, hoardes of people spilled off the crowded sidewalks and into the streets.

[Cars, bikes and people dangerously mix]

In one area (in front of the Star E. Rose Cafe), a DJ pumped out great music and a break-dancing session captivated the street. The dancers were extremely talented and a crowd quickly formed around them. The dancers and onlookers were taking up more than one lane.

Of course since Alberta Street is still open to motor vehicle traffic, cars backed up in both directions and a bit of motor vehicle mayhem ensued.

I know there is a strong effort already underway to close this street to motor vehicle traffic during Last Thursday but if anyone still needs convincing, I think these images tell the whole story.

If you want to help in making Last Thursday and more areas of Portland carfree, get on the Portland Carfree mailing list and stay in touch with

Check out more photos of last night’s impromptu break-dancing session.

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