Update: Sneak peak at potential Sellwood Bridge design

[Graphic from cover of winning
proposal to renovate the Sellwood Bridge.]

An employee for the civil engineering firm that won the bid to renovate the Sellwood Bridge* is working on the Sellwood Bridge project has forwarded me a graphic from the cover of their winning proposal that shows a generous 14 foot wide path for bikes and pedestrians.

In contrast, the motor vehicle lanes are 12 feet wide.

I have not yet confirmed these plans with anyone from the engineering firm and this is obviously a very preliminary design, but given the current condition of the bike and ped lane, it’s an encouraging and hopeful sign nonetheless.

[*UPDATE: I have been notified by someone closely involved with this project and they have informed me that this graphic is not from a “proposal to renovate” the bridge. I should not have used those words and I apologize for any confusion. Whether the bridge is renovated or rebuilt is still undecided. More updates and developments on the project coming soon.]

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