Rev Phil brings bike films to the big screen

Chunkathalon, Portland OR
[Rev Phil sports
his helmet cam.]

*Don’t miss Kickass Bike Film night tonight at Clinton Street Theater!*

If you haven’t been in the presence of the inimitable Reverend Phil Sano than you haven’t really experienced Portland bike culture. Rev Phil is a self-described bike culturist who’s in the middle of many of Portland’s bikey subcultures.

In addition to being a regular at Zoobomb, Critical Mass, and the man behind many events at Free Geek (his employer), for the past three years he has devoted his energy to sharing and creating bike films. He has put on dozens of bike film screenings and he has produced several DVD collections including From Portland with Bike Love.

I asked Phil why he’s so enamored with bike movies:

“Expression. Everyone is looking for creative outlets to present ideas they like. As a medium, I really dig film…I feel that as a group, bikers do some pretty amazing things. I would like to spend more time writing, but even an excellent description of a bike on fire only whet’s the appetite for wanting to see it burn.”

For Phil, movies are his way of spreading bike fun:

“I think a lot about how to communicate what is important to me. I want to create fun movies with a political message that is more subtle. My hope is that if we keep biking fun and sexy the underlying awesomeness will take root.”

So what’s Phil’s favorite bike movie ever? That would be Extinction Stinks from Vancouver BC. According to Phil it had, “really good cinematography” and was the unofficial winner at the inaugural Filmed by Bike event back in 2003.

Tonight at 9PM, Phil brings his magic to the Clinton Street Theater (2522 SE Clinton) for a special night of bike films presented by the Portland Legal Defense Network and Zoobomb.

Tonight’s interesting line-up of films includes:

In addition to plenty of cheap beer, tonight’s event will feature speakers and resources about defending your legal rights as a cyclist (a subject Rev Phil has plenty of experience with).

Reps from the Portland Legal Defense Network will inform folks about “how they can live a more hassled-by-the-cops-free lifestyle” and 10 copies of Ray Thomas’s excellent “Pedal Power: a legal guide for Oregon bicyclists” will be raffled off.

Sounds like an awesome event. Don’t miss it!

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