A new way to follow BikePortland comments – UPDATED

UPDATE, 10/20 at 12:45 pm: Given reader feedback, I’ve decided to discontinue this feature. The @bikepdxcomments account has been deleted/deactivated and all the posts it once displayed are gone. Thanks everyone for your input. I’ll look for other ways to broaden and amplify our conversations. – Jonathan.

It’s no secret that we love our comment section. Now it’s easy to follow all of them using one of the most popular social media tools available: Twitter.

We’ve set up a new Twitter account that automagically posts every new BikePortland comment. If you’re on Twitter, just click over and follow @bikepdxcomments. That’s it! Once you follow that account you’ll see the new comments come into your feed. The Twitter posts will have the title of the BikePortland post, the name of the commenter, an excerpt of their comment, and a link that will take you directly to the comment in the thread on our site (note that when viewing BP on a cell phone, comments aren’t visible until you click “Leave a Comment”).

Speaking of our comments, we’re getting pretty close to the huge milestone of 500,000 approved comments! Right now we have 497,313 and at our current pace I estimate we’ll hit the 500K mark by February of 2022 or so. Maybe we’ll throw a party or something. At our 10th Birthday party, one of my favorite moments of the night happened when we invited folks on-stage to leave live comments.

Also keep in mind that we are still holding back every single comment until it can be read by either Lisa Caballero or myself. We are doing this to ensure that discussions on here are as productive as possible. If you have an issue with a comment, please let me know and we’ll take a second look.

Below is a preview of the new @BikePDXComments account on Twitter. Follow it if you want to stay engaged with our collective community wisdom!

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