The Monday Roundup: Cherokee riders, vehicular violence, Honsinger’s big day, and more

Welcome to the week.

Here are the most notable items BikePortland readers and editors came across in the past seven days:

‘Remember the Removal’: Six riders from the Cherokee Nation and three members of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians completed a 950 bike tour that followed the infamous Trail of Tears to remember their ancestors who were forcefully removed from their homelands more than 180 years ago.

Vehicular violence, part 1: A mother of two who was attending a vigil against police violence was killed when a man drove his SUV into the event in Minneapolis last Sunday.

Vehicular violence, part 2: A man driving a huge Ford pickup truck, intentionally rammed it into people who were participating in a charity bike race in Arizona. Six people were seriously injured before the police chased down and shot the driver.

Honsinger makes waves: Portlander Clara Honsinger (Tibco-Silicon Valley Bank) played a huge role in catapulting her teammate to victory at the U.S. Road National Championships in Knoxville, Tennessee.


Driving test a “farce”: This Vice article makes a compelling (and depressing) case about what a completely inneffective and absurd joke America’s driver education system is and why we’d be better of ditching it for a new approach.

Transit trip tips: With the surge in car users post-pandemic, every city needs to re-assess its transition promotion strategy. Here are some tips to get people back on the bus.

History of car culture starts with bikes: Some fun history about how the “Father of Good Roads” was a cycling advocate whose fervor for pedaling led to, let’s just say, some unintended consequences.

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