Pacific northwest riders, Oregon star in ‘All Bodies on Bikes’ film

Still from the film shows Marley Blonsky and Kailey Kornhauser riding through the Oregon Coast Range.

“People think that fat means lazy or ugly or undesirable. But really, fat is just a descriptor of our bodies.”
— Kailey Kornhauser

A new film set in Portland and Oregon and launched worldwide by Shimano on Monday wants to add some fat to the skinny cyclist stereotype.

All Bodies on Bikes is a film that stars Kailey Kornhauser and Marley Blonsky, two Pacific Northwest residents who working to change the dialogue around body image in the cycling world. The film follows the pair on their recent two-day bikepacking trip on the 65-mile Corvallis to the Coast Trail.


Here’s more from a promotional blurb:

Filmed in the summer of 2020 using COVID-19 safety precautions, All Bodies on Bikes dives headfirst into hard conversations about society’s obsession with weight, growing up fat, and issues of disordered eating. It also explores how the bicycle community can bring people together to support one another.

“Nobody was talking about size inclusion or what it’s like to be a fat person who rides bikes,” Blonsky said in a statement. “We realized we could contribute to this and we could make a difference. We want people to feel empowered that they can ride a bike wherever they want to go.”

Kornhauser, currently a grad student at Oregon State, added that, “People think that fat means lazy or ugly or undesirable. But really, fat is just a descriptor of our bodies. So, I try and use that word to describe myself. And to take the world back and what it means about my body but leave those negative associations behind.”

Learn more about the film and get links to other resources by Blonsky and Kornhauser at

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