The Monday Roundup: ‘Doughnut city’, unhinged cops, B2V, and more

Welcome to the week. Before we get to work, let’s make sure we are informed of the most notable news from the past seven days.

Here’s what you need to know today…

Traffic enforcement reform now!: A new investigation from NPR found that over 25% of fatal police shootings of unarmed Black people occurred during traffic stops.

Bike touring in the time of Covid: The BBC covered a UK man’s attempt at a global bike tour during a global pandemic.

CW: Police officer runs over people: A horrible scene unfolded in Tacoma (WA) Saturday night as a police officer in an SUV intentionally ran over a large group of people who had stopped traffic in an intersection to do burnouts and hang out.

Bikability metric: We love how this story about planning for bicycling around transit stations in Seattle includes a “Level of traffic stress” metric.

“Doughnut city”: Forget the “15-minute neighborhood” or “20-minute city”, Amsterdam is doing something much more bold that transcends bicycling and urban planning and gets to the heart of economic justice by questioning capitalism.


SUVs ruin everything: The welcome reduction in emissions from car users due to the pandemic was completely wiped out because of increased sales of big, gas-guzzling, emissions-spewing, people-killing, community-destroying SUVs.

Latest from Paris: Seems like each week we have amazing news to share from Paris. The latest? more active transportation representation at the US DOT.

Federal bearings: Curious about the potential and inner-workings of the US DOT now that we have the most promising Transportation Secretary in a generation and a Democrat in the White House? Check this podcast featuring the wonderful Beth Osborne from Transportation for America.


Money money money: Advocates in Washington are eager to push for a $26 billion statewide transportation funding package introduced by Democrats that would invest “over $80 million for every 2-year state budget in active transportation grants alone.”

B2V: In a bid to make roads safer for cycling, industry bigwigs Trek, Specialized, Shimano and SRAM are part of a partnership (that includes Ford) to create a new “Bicycle to Vehicle” (B2V) communication technology standard.

E-bike exemption: A bill in the Washington legislature proposed by a Democrat from Bellingham would exempt electric bikes and up to $200 in bike accessories from the state sales tax.

Got bikes? A coalition of bike companies in the UK have joined together to form a “marketing board” (similar to the “Got milk?” campaign) that will focus on catchy campaigns to boost bicycling awareness and ridership.

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