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The Monday Roundup: Blacker podiums, ghost bikes 101, The Cycling GK, and more

Blacker podiums: If you don’t know professional road racer Justin Williams yet, I recommend getting to know him and his work to get more Black people on bikes and onto race podiums.

Fight for you right (to safety): Londoners of all ages flocked to Kensington High Street for a bike ride and rally intended to convince politicians to not rip out a bike lane installed as part of a Covid-related pilot program.

Cars, the law, and you: Law professor Greg Shill stars in the latest “War on Cars” episode where he breaks down the legal underpinnings that make car culture in America so dang pervasive and powerful.

Tires kill salmon: A massive scientific breakthrough has found that a chemical produced when microplastics in rubber tires break down and get washed into rivers is to blame for the death of thousands of Coho salmon.

Ghost bikes 101: Everything you need to know about ghost bikes from someone who has been putting them up for over 15 years.


Tesla dangers: Slate takes a closer look at why the new Biden administration must do more to regulate Tesla’s “autopilot” feature if it wants to keep road users safe.

A kick out of cycling: Ben Foster is a Premier League footballer who loves cycling — so much so that he’s started a YouTube channel called the “The Cycling GK” and it’s full of good bike content, including riding to the game via train and Brompton folder!

Distracted much?: An analysis of cellular data records found that more than one in four drivers were using their phones less than 60-seconds prior to being involved in a collision.

Safe haven: It behooves active transportation advocates to understand the large intrinsic value people have for their cars — and how thanks to Covid-19 it’s at an all-time high.

Can I ride there?: With a rash of new federal and state regulations about electric bikes, this story from OPB helps explain how it impacts where you can ride.

Tweet of the Week: Amazing (and sad!) footage from ABC News of someone bicycling on Chicago’s Lakefront Trail on the shore of Lake Michigan…

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