The Monday Roundup: Zwift’s big haul, Prime time for e-bikes, carbon footprint sham, and more

Welcome to the week.

Here are the most noteworthy items we came across in the past seven days…

It’s not your fault: The idea that we all have a “carbon footprint” is nothing more than “devious” propaganda pushed by Big Oil to shame and distract us for their environmental destruction says this Mashable article.

Primed for e-bikes: Recent staffing moves hint that Amazon might be looking to bulk up its use of electric bikes for last-mile deliveries.

Commons sense: Boston joins Paris as one of the latest city to make protected bike lanes created for the pandemic, permanent.

Race in the race: Frenchmen Kévin Reza, the only Black man to compete in the year’s Tour de France, tells CyclingNews that he doesn’t feel solidarity in the professional peloton — even after two incidents of racial abuse from other riders.

Not driving, still charged: The person who was behind the wheel of a “self-driving” Uber car that hit and killed a woman crossing the street on foot in 2018 has been charged with negligent homicide. The driver was reportedly watching TV on her phone when the collision occurred.


Indoor domination: In the latest sign of popularity for indoor riding, software platform Zwift inked a $450 million investment deal and is likely to use the money to develop a bike and other hardware.

Cycling saves lives: A Massachusetts man who credits bike rides for changing his outlook on life is on a nationwide bike tour to raise awareness of suicide.

Intentions matter: In a car or on a bicycle, nearly all road users break some laws sometimes, but recent research says there are important differences why.

Tour de Tadej: 22-year old Slovenian Tadej Pogacar snagged a dramatic Tour de France victory on the penultimate stage and this reflection on CyclingTips does a great job capturing why it was so magical and unexpected.

The recovery rush: The UK’s bike boom has been met with a commensurate bike theft boom and there’s a growing cadre of vigilantes who revel in the thrill of returning the bikes to their owners.

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