Becky Jo’s Carfree Life: Even Steven

Pre-Assembly. This is not an endorsement of any kind other than for me: I can use a ratchet set.
(Photo: Becky Jo)

Are you frustrated? Maybe a little bit? I love seeing my neighbors out on their bikes more, but I’m frustrated our city isn’t giving more road ownership to pedestrians and cyclists during this unprecedented time.

I’m just now getting comfortable enough to bike anywhere for a 20-25 mile roundtrip, but I certainly can’t get my kids to go that far, nor would I want to in these conditions. How are you doing with the increased reckless driving versus less traffic? What about kids biking in it? Some kids on the 2nd grader’s classroom calls are saying they’re out biking all over on their own; but you have to take a kids’ statements with a grain of salt, you know?

(Photo: J. Maus/BikePortland)

I see some cities are at least experimenting with car-calming measures and/or giving over greenways to pedestrians and cyclists on residential greenways. Meanwhile, our government seems to be doubling-down on leaving all roads to drivers, some of which have chosen to discover illegal drag racing. Not exactly something I want to go biking around.

Two weeks ago when the husbeast said he was being sent a stationary bike, I sort of laughed. He’s like Kramer or Elaine – did you ever see that Seinfeld episode, The Opposite? I’m married to Kramer. Stuff just appears at the door for him. It’s weird. Me? I’m Jerry: Even Steven. I assembled the bike in about a half-hour. I didn’t really want to assemble a bike today, but now I can ask you about stationary bikes during quarantine. I can’t go out on 20-25 mile rides like before as I’m helping kids with school, but now there’s a stationary bike to supplement the little 5 mile bike rides I go on with the kids. See? Even Steven.


Look ma! No hands!
(Photo: Becky Jo)

Bonus: I can finally ride a bike without hands or a helmet.

Where are you getting your biking fix? What are your thoughts on bike trainers and stationary bikes? Or are you riding outside anyway? Or maybe a little of both? Are you finding other tricks on getting your rides in? I know our fearless leader is getting up before dawn to ride, but I’m not functional that early. 

As always, thank you so much for hanging out with me here.

— Becky Jo, @BeckyJoPDX
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