The Monday Roundup: Aminé’s world, wheel-sucker etiquette, Bend’s bad cops, and more

This week’s roundup is sponsored by Willamette Valley Cyclists, a nonprofit that needs our help to build a pump track in McMinnville!

Here are the most noteworthy items we came across in the past seven days…

A bad example: Bend police issued speeding citations to two of their own in separate crashes. Both offending officers were responding to emergencies while going too fast and struck and injured innocent road users.

Who’s biking in SF?: U.S. Census numbers paint a picture of cycling in San Francisco that is overwhelmingly white and male.

A coastal adventure: Don’t miss our friends Maria Schur and Madi Carlson showing how carfree adventure is done in the latest episode of Oregon Field Guide on OPB (fast forward to 12:42 mark for the segment).

Transit and public health: As coronavirus fears spread in Seattle, this article has tips for transit riders.

Ask before your draft: Sucking the wheel of a stranger is really rude and if you don’t understand why please read this.

Ride-hailing’s dark side: Despite technologists’ fantasies, Uber and Lyft are having a negative impact on our environment by causing about 69% more emissions than the trips they replace.


Why riders die: Bicycling Magazine took a closer look at NYC data to find out what caused fatal crashes and why it matters.

Carfree works: Guess what? After years of controversy and fear, San Francisco finally made Market Street carfree and it’s been a huge success with none of the doomsday scenarios coming to pass.

Are freeways next?: Activists are cheering a court decision that stopped a new runway at Heathrow Airport because it doesn’t align with the Paris climate agreement.

Mayoral candidates on transportation: At a recent debate hosted by the Columbia Corridor Association, Sarah Iannarone, Ted Wheeler, and Ozzie Gonzalez were asked how Portland streets could become more efficient for trucks and buses.

Subsidize the right things: A bill at D.C. city council would level the commute subsidy playing field by allowing employers to offer payouts to people who walk, bike and take transit.

Video of the Week: Portland rapper Aminé’s latest video is an ode to Portland and includes scenes of him and friends riding down Alberta Street on Biketown bikes

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