The Monday Roundup: Oil drilling Slickrock, spineless mayors, LeBron, and more

Welcome to the week. Here are the most notable items BikePortland editors and readers came across in the past seven days:

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Walking while brown: Nearly 90% of the tickets written by the NYPD for walking against a light or crossing a street mid-block were given to black or Hispanic people. And that’s just the start of the stats that show “jaywalking” laws are enforced unfairly.

Moab trails under threat: The Trump Administration is allowing oil and gas companies to consider drilling at Moab’s famous Slickrock Trail, but bike industry groups are already pushing back.

Spineless mayors: Good news: Majority of U.S. mayors realize that drivers and their cars are ruining cities. Bad news: They lack the courage to do much about it.

LeBron bikes: Basketball star LeBron James worked with Lyft to give free bike share memberships to Harlem teenagers and told Streetsblog the kids need safer places to ride them.

Winter biking: I know it’s relatively nice outside right now, but you might want to file away this story from Chicago about biking through a cold and snowy winter.


Local Focus

Climate injustice: A new study from PSU found that the “heat island” effect is worse in parts of our city that are most heavily impacted by racist housing and land-use policies of the past.

Pioneer mechanic: Sellwood Cycle Repair and Team S&M’s Brenna Wrye-Simpson is the only female mechanic on the UCI Cyclocross World Cup circuit.

Bridge of life: Because ODOT’s Highway 99W through Sherwood is so dangerous and impassable by humans not in cars, local leaders are pushing for a new walking/rolling bridge to connect a school and other community destinations.

Real transit talk: With a major investment in bus service part of Metro’s bid for a transportation funding measure, Willamette Week talked to people who rely on the Line 72 bus to find out what riders really want.

Vancouver’s deadly road: The stretch of 112th Avenue in east Vancouver where two young people were hit and killed by a driver last week is dangerous by design and has a long history of tragedy.

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