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The Monday Roundup: Distraction data, moneyball in cycling, ODOT inspiration, and more

Here are the most noteworthy things we came across in the past seven days.

But wait…

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OK, your roundup is below:

Women and safety: Buried in this story on cycling’s persistent gender gap is how the number of female riders skyrocketed in New York City on two streets after protected bike lanes were installed.

Helmet research: Since I have a feeling we’ll be hearing more about all-ages helmet laws in the years to come, here’s the National Transportation Safety Board’s Bicyclist Safety Research Report (PDF) that recommends the policy.

Put down your phone: Just how bad is the distracted driving epidemic? This Bloomberg story uses phone usage data to find out.

Moneywheel: Big data and advanced stats have revolutionized pro baseball and basketball. Now it looks like a new pro team wants to do the same to bicycle racing.


Bike lanes and race: Research and data shows that most black people want bike lanes, but how city’s implement them is what often matters more.

Safer lanes: San Francisco nonprofit WalkSF has a new design guide for how to make protected bike lanes safe for people on foot.

Well said: Thank you to Bicycling’s Joe Lindsey for putting the absurd Cannonball Run in its place.

Let’s talk about it: Paralympiam Hannah Dines has become an accidental spokesperson for labia surgery after going through the surgery herself — and she’s stepping up to the opportunity to shed light on an issue more women deal with than you might think.

Slower in Seattle: Hoping to stem a tragic tide of traffic deaths, our neighbors to the north have decided to lower speed limits on all arterials to 25 mph.


Bullish on battery-powered bikes: A major business consultant predicts 2020 will be a banner year for e-bikes.

What ODOT needs: Our state DOT could learn a lot from newly hired Caltrans Director Toks Omishakin. Check out his answer to question three in this interview and tell me it doesn’t remind you of ODOT’s shortcomings at the moment.

Video of the Week: New York City just unveiled its first enclosed bike parking pod at a high-traffic, downtown location. Should we try these in Portland? (Hopefully one without hooks because I hate lifting up my bike!)

Tweet of the Week: This little boy is all of us…

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