The Monday Roundup: Tactical urbanist brooms, climate politics, scooter sabotage, and more

Welcome to the week.

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Here are the most noteworthy items we came across in the past seven days…

“June the Broom” is watching: Concerned bike lane users in D.C. have resorted to sticking brooms in flex posts to make them more visible.

New cargo bike era: NYC has gone big with a pilot program that will allow operators of 100 electric freight delivery trikes to park in loading zones citywide.

Scooter polluter: The fact that climate change group Extinction Rebellion has begun sabotaging e-scooters due to their environmental footprint gives me second thoughts about how much I should get behind them.

Car culture run amok: CNN Travel’s hagiographic story about dudes who sped illegally across country “Cannonball Run” style is everything that’s wrong with American transportation culture.


“Trans women are women”: Outspoken transgender athlete, target of Donald Trump ire, and track World Champion Rachel McKinnon published an opinion in the NY Times saying that “We are not taking over” and that being able to compete is a human right.

Smaller streets FTW: Yelp-influenced science finds that Manhattan’s smaller, intimate “streets” have better food that gets higher reviews than larger “avenues”.

More reason to ride Williams Ave: One of the busiest sections of N Williams Avenue (in terms of cycling traffic) will soon be home to a food cart pod.

Coach Balto doing work: Portlander Sam Balto, who we featured a few months ago for his Red Cup Project work, was featured by KATU TV for his work in making streets around Cesar Chavez school safer.

The naughty list: Portland made a list of cities who have “climate mayors” who support freeway widening.


KC’s free transit miracle: “If we want to prioritize public transportation, [the funding] is something that we can find,” said a Kansas City city council member who voted to completely subsidize public transit and make it free for all users.

Climate politics: New Pew polling shows that even among registered Republicans there is growing public support for taking strong actions against climate change. (Link shared by former Portland Mayor (and climate change expert) Sam Adams.)

Screw your free parking: City of Denver staff are the heroes of the week for standing up and telling people that a safer bike lane is more important than 91 on-street parking spaces.

Tweet of the Week: We often hear that “The vast majority of people drive, so we should cater to them.” This chart shared by our friend Richard Masoner shows why it’s important to consider not what people do in a broken system; but what they’d prefer to do in a functioning one:

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