The Monday Roundup: Flight shaming, phone detection cams, bicycle insurance and more

This week’s Monday Roundup is sponsored by WashCo Bikes, who reminds you to support their Adopt-a-Bike program as it ramps up to serve hundreds of kids and families in Washington County.

Welcome back from the holiday weekend. Hope you enjoyed a few slower news days (I certainly did).

Here are the most noteworthy items we came across in the past week…

Induced flight demand: Airports are fossil fuel infrastructure, so why do we continue to expand them? (This is very relevant to Portland since PDX wants to expand a road leading to a new parking garage.)

Helmet debate distractions: The League of American Bicyclists goes beyond the helmet-debating headlines to offer a breakdown of recent traffic safety recommendations made by the NTSB.

SUVs and the planet: The latest United Nations report on climate change directly calls out America’s epidemic of SUV driving and calls for policies that discourage the purchase and use of large, inefficient vehicles.

Big trucks suck (for most people): Calling them a “grotesque addiction” this automotive journalist says large trucks and their popularity in the market are irrational and unnecessary.


Caught on camera: Australia has rolled out special traffic cameras that aim to detect the use of phones and other distracting devices while driving.

What he said: Nationally recognized transit consultant (based in Portland) Jarrett Walker wants everyone to know that he doesn’t want to be called a “bus advocate”.

Bicycle coverage: Japan is experiencing a boom in cycling for fitness and many local governments are responding by requiring riders to have bicycle insurance.

Safer suburbs: The Washington Post dives into the growing awareness that suburban cities should also consider Vision Zero to tame dangerous streets and drivers.

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