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The Monday Roundup: Bikelash insanity, bike share bust, Greg LeMond, and more

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Welcome to the week. Before we dive into the news, let’s look back at the most noteworthy items we came across in the past seven days…

The man behind vehicular cycling: Treat yourself to this excellent Q & A with infamous “bicycle transportation engineer” John Forester.

Bike share evolution: Interest in free-floating shared bikes has waned and some companies have removed or scaled back fleets as e-scooters have become more popular.

SF scooter bonanza: The City of San Francisco has announced long-term permits for e-scooter operators and bike advocates are thrilled to use their riders to built urgency for protected lanes.

Cycling in U.S. cities: A man shares why he stopped biking his kid to school in Washington D.C.; but we can relate to his concerns even here in Portland.

Police bias: Portland-base lawyer Bob Mionske points out how the windshield perspective of the vast majority of police officers impacts how they assign blame in traffic crashes.


Beyond EVs: A mass transition to electric cars isn’t the path to emissions reductions that many make it out to be. You know what is? Driving a little less each week.

Greg LeMond recognized: The U.S. House of Representatives wants to give former professional road cyclist Greg LeMond a Congressional Gold Medal for his contribution to American sports.

When women bike: The last issue of Governing included this doozy of a column that astutely points out that when cities’ marketing of cycling outpaces the quality of infrastructure they build, very bad things can happen.

Appeal for sanity: Brooklyn-based advocate and War on Cars Podcast co-host Doug Gordon recaps a truly unhinged neighborhood meeting about a traffic-calming project.

Fossil fuel finances: On heels of opioid drug settlements, Big Oil has reason to worry that climate change lawsuits could speed financial doom.

Video of the Week: This chainless bike system by CeramicSpeed is mesmerizing and cool:

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