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The Monday Roundup: Beto bikes, open streets, e-bike takeover, and more

Welcome to the week. Here are the most noteworthy items our editors and readers came across in the past seven days…

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Take back our streets: Community leaders in Pittsburgh are turning to streets to create public spaces in neighborhoods where room to roam is at a premium. Should we be doing this in east Portland?

Free car with purchase: A developer in Baltimore is so keen on tenants not owning a car (and needing a place to park) that each new lease comes with a free bike.

Stop routine stops: Strong Towns says if we want to make our streets safer, using cops to do routine traffic stops is the most oppressive, least effective way to do it.

Bikes rule: Uber found that in the Sacramento market, their e-assisted Jump bikes were far more popular for short trips than “getting an Uber”. I have zero doubt the same will prove true when we get e-bike share here in Portland.

Climate first candidate: Washington Governor Jay Inslee is getting a lot of attention not just for throwing his hat in the presidential ring, but for putting climate change front-and-center. I’m sure Milwaukie Mayor Mark Gamba will follow his run closely.


Beto on a bike: The popular Texas politician was spotted casually hoping on a singlespeed bike and it was amazing:

Feds dragging feet: The League of American Bicyclists says the federal government has yet to require auto-emergency braking to be included in car safety ratings — even though Congress passed a law requiring it in 2015.

REI cycling: Outdoor retailer juggernaut Recreation Equipment Inc (REI) has announced a new partnership with Cannondale and Bontrager as part of an effort to expand its cycling offerings.

E-scooter hate update: Bicycling says lovers of e-scooters and bicycles should be allies in the larger fight for our streets.

E-bike takeover: Venerable cycling journalist Carlton Reid shares via Forbes that sales of electric bikes have surpassed sales of non-electric bikes in the The Netherlands.

Overthrow the auto-centric regime: This new paper by law professor Gregory H. Shill says America’s legal system subsidizes driving thereby ensuring its continued dominance. Shill argues for, “a teardown of this regime,” and a new system of laws and policies that allow for, “a basic reorientation of relevant law towards consensus social priorities, such as health, prosperity, and equity.”

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