The Monday Roundup: Rideshare tax in D.C., smart city pitfalls, BMX in the Bronx, and more

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Welcome to the week! Here are the best stories we came across in the past seven days…

Bike-cam portal: Police in the U.K. now have a central location where they can view camera footage uploaded by people who’ve captured crashes and dangerous driving via their on-bike video cameras.

Bend native in Tour de France: Ian Boswell is in France competing at the world’s most prestigious bike race. His mom says it’s the culmination of a lifelong dream.

The problem with Chris Froome: The UCI cleared the defending Tour de France champion of a doping allegation just days before this year’s event. Here’s why that was such a bad move.

Taxing rideshare trips: The city council of Washington D.C. has passed a 6 percent tax on rideshare trips from the likes of Uber and Lyft. Revenue raised will be spent to improve their Metro transit system.

Accessible cycling: When people who use adaptive bicycles like hand-cycles and trikes feel comfortable enough on your bikeways you know you are doing something right.

Motorbikes in bike lanes: A controversial new law in Denmark will allow a class of speedy e-bikes that can go up to 28 mph use existing bike lanes.


Pros and cons of “smart cities”: Excellent article that uses real-life example of Google’s project in Toronto as a frame for the perils and potentials of high-tech “smart cities”. With Portland launching a traffic data sensor program, this is a very relevant issue.

Arizona’s tragedy: Article details the terrible state of traffic safety for vulnerable road users in Arizona, lays out how to fix the problem, then explains how Arizona doesn’t have the political will to do what it takes.

Re-connect with our streets: A NYT Opinion piece introduces us to the Ford Motor Company-funded National Street Service, an effort to re-imagine our streets as places for people, not cars.

Portland bike share crystal ball: It’s just a matter of time (and not that much of it) before Portland follows in New York City’s footsteps and launches an electric, dockless bike share system.

Give e-bikes a chance: The Urbanist says e-bike share could revolutionize mobility, so we need to stop hating on bikes with a free boost of energy.

PBS is drunk: Yes it’s a fact that people who walk while drunk are at greater risk of death in a traffic crash, but the topic deserves much more care in reporting than The PBS Newshour displayed in this unfortunate piece. Thankfully we have Streetsblog to set the record straight.

BMX in the Bronx: This great photo essay of the renown Mullaly Bike Park in the Bronx shows how it’s not just a place to ride, but a powerful community builder that offer vital access to cycling.

Nissan sucks too: Another automaker has been caught falsifying emissions tests. It’s mind-boggling how dishonest and craven car companies are in their pursuit of profits. This corrupt industry does not deserve the political respect it currently enjoys.

Easy bike camping: Let the PSU student newspaper show you how to get into bike camping on the “cheap and dirty.”

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