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The Monday Roundup: Derailleur history, a biking/boating commute, reckless driving crackdown, and more

Welcome to the week. Today’s Monday Roundup is made possible by Efficient Velo Tools: “Conceived, tested, and proven in Portland – the Safe Zone Helmet Mirror provides unparalleled protection.”

Here are the best things we found floating around the BikePortland universe in the past seven days…

Enough is enough: From carfree parks and plazas to protected bike lanes, New York City has led the way on many safe streets movements. Tougher regulations on dangerous drivers might be next. NYC Councilman Brad Lander has introduced the “Reckless Driver Accountability Act,” a bill that would proactively remove the worst offenders from the roads before they can kill and injure more people.

Cargo bike mothers: The Dutch city of Rotterdam is trying to attract young people and move past its industrial image. For better or worse, “cargo-bike moms” have become a symbol of the gentrification that has resulted.

Delightful derailleurs: A historical appreciation of an oft-unheralded yet vital part of most bicycles.

Bikes rule: A fascinating data and mapping breakdown of where, when, and why bikes are faster than taxis for 50 percent of peak-hour trips in Manhattan.

Inefficiency = inequality: A clear-sighted rebuttal from transit expert Jarrett Walker to the ridiculous notion that NYC should mothball its subways in favor of autonomous vehicles.

Crypto-cycling: To encourage use of its new range of e-bikes, this company pays riders about $25 worth of cryptocurrency for every 1,000 miles pedaled.


Hashtag insurrection: Streetsblog Denver reports that the Colorado DOT started a hashtag war with “SafetyStartsWithAllofUs,” and then transportation activists finished it.

Bad news in Washington state: The Columbian reports on Washington DOT’s latest stats that show the number of the number of people killed while walking or biking is up 60 percent from 2013. The state wants “Vision Zero” by 2030, but now officials say, “We have to struggle with the fact that we may not get to zero.”

Take an e-scooter for a ride: The Oregonian’s Portland-based transportation reporter Andrew Theen took a Lime electric scooter for a test ride.

Dockless in Santa Monica: As Portland preps to launch an e-scooter pilot, let’s learn from Santa Monica where they just announced a plan to allow four dockless companies (two e-scooter, two e-bike) to operate starting this fall.

Copenhagenizing: Need to sharpen your arguments about how biking can work in cities and dispel common myths? Don’t miss these charts and graphics from Mikael Colville-Andersen.

War on cars’ predictable pushback: We need more leaders like former Toronto planner Jennifer Keesmaat who aren’t afraid to say we need to be much tougher on auto use — if for nothing else than to urging local leaders to get back on track and make a stronger commitment to funding biking and walking projects.

Video of the Week: Check out this New Jersey resident who wanted a faster and more fun way to get to work in Manhattan. The answer? A folding bike and boat!

Thanks to everyone who sent in links this week.

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