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The Monday Roundup: B2V, dockless diversity, e-bike share, and more

Yes I realize it’s Tuesday. It just didn’t feel right to post this on Martin Luther King Day (I posted something about activism instead, thinking that was more in line with the spirit of the holiday).

So without further ado, here are the best stories we came across last week…

The future is B2V: Bikehugger was at the big Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and got the scoop about a partnership between Ford, Tome, and Trek that will hasten development of “bicycle-to-vehicle” or B2V communication.

Dockless diversity: A Citylab reporter in Washington D.C. has a strong hunch that people of color use dockless bike share bikes more often than other types of bikes.

Dockless gets a boost in Seattle: Spin and LimeBike will soon roll out e-assist versions of their bikes in the Seattle market.

San Fran too: In related news, Ford has partnered with e-bike giant GenZe to electrify the GoBike fleet in San Francisco.

Advocacy tool for your mayor: TransitCenter has created a handy, 2-page PDF to help activists deal with mayors who are strong on climate change but weak on reducing car use and improving transit.

Great biking, great driving: The traffic-avoidance and route experts at Waze came out with a Driver Satisfaction Index and guess which country has the happiest drivers? The Netherlands.


A mural for Boyd: Boyd Littell was a Portland-based musician and bicycle messenger who died mysteriously while cycling near Colonel Summers Park back in October. His hometown of Norman, Oklahoma has raised money to create a mural in his memory.

Bike tourism = $$$: A tiny town in Montana that has just 50 residents gets about 1,000 tourists a year who pass through on one of several cross-country bike routes. That’s the kind of economic impact small towns in rural Oregon might start to see as the award-winning Oregon Timber Trail becomes more well-known.

Streets for people: A road diet in the coastal town of La Jolla, California reduced crashes by 90 percent. Check the amazing before/after images in this case study published by the Congress for New Urbanism.

Ferries to the rescue: With the only highway in Santa Barbara blocked due to a mudslide, road users turned to an ad-hoc ocean ferry service to get where they needed to go.

106-year-old rider calls it quits: Frenchman Robert Marchand rode his bike until the age of 106 and now figures it’s time to hang up the helmet.

Thanks to everyone who submitted links!

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