Subscriber post: Ode to the Thursday Night Ride

It rolls from Salmon Street Springs every Thursday around 7:30 pm.
(Photo: J.Maus/BikePortland)

The dream of the nineties is somewhat alive in Portland.

In Portland, cars most certainly exist. Except for once a week on Thursday, when people ride bikes or double-decker bikes. They ride unicycles. They ride skateboards!

No matter what our President tweeted, no matter what forest is on fire, no matter what ODOT has done that week to make it easier for people to use cars, the Thursday night ride rides on. It does not care about liberalism, conservatism, that week’s gross domestic product numbers, or really much of anything. You do not even really need a bicycle (as long as you are a fast jogger) or a cent to your name.


The only requirement is that you are you and you are enjoying yourself. All dirty clown frowns must be turned upside down.

So if you are feeling blue or if you ever find yourself lost in a city where you could have sworn that building did not exist a week ago, remember that the Thursday Night Ride will always be there as long as you are there and if you are not that is fine too. Thursday night will continue long after we do.

The ride meets every Thursday, 7pm, at the Salmon Street Fountain in the Waterfront Park, and starts rolling after 7:30.

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