The Monday Roundup: Citi Bike fatality, sexism, a hellish interchange, and more

This week’s Monday Roundup is sponsored by the Gathering at Gateway Green — opening day for the Dirt Lab! It’s coming June 24th.

Here are the best stories we came across last week…

Being a woman on a bike: We often hear about advocacy efforts to “get more women on bikes.” But guys, have you ever stopped to think about what the riding experience is like for women on bikes? It’s often not pretty, as this post on Greater Greater Washington illuminates.

Cultural impact of our travel mode: As this new research demonstrates, how we get around has a profound effect on how we experience our cities and our fellow human beings.

Death while Citi Biking: A man died today while riding a New York City bike share bike. It was the first death in 43 million rides.

Tracking bikes (and thieves): Our friends at Bike Index are excited about a very promising new technology that will make it easier to track stolen bikes.

Making streets better, faster: The National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO) has a new program (sponsored by Ford Motor Company) aimed at hastening, “the implementation of transformative transportation projects in cities across the country.” Sounds like a different flavor of People for Bikes’ Green Lane Project.

Getting us off infra island: Charles Marohn has some important insights into how to make reform our approach to infrastructure spending. Main takeaways include rooting out inefficiencies and making spending as local as possible.

Race-based driving behavior: A Las Vegas study confirms findings from Portland that people treat road users differently depending on the color of their skin.


Ultimate attendance gift: Well over twice the number of students than expected got perfect attendance at a Maryland junior high due to the promise of a free bike.

Interchange from hell: Peep this 20-road monstrosity from China. At least it’s tolled.

Bike-centric built environment: What happens when architecture and the built environment reflect the needs of bicycles and the people who ride them? The first Bicycle Architecture Biennale happening this week in Amsterdam will be the place to find out.

Safer phones?: Cellepathy is a software startup with a new app that automatically goes into “driver mode” when your car begins to move — locking many common apps and features in the process.

Apple’s similar attempt: The new iOS has a promising new “Do not disturb while driving” mode that we were initially excited about. But it turns out Apple has made it way too easy to opt out of.

Deep dive into AVs: Don’t be so sure that self-driving cars will be electric or safe, says Peter Welte in his in-depth piece that takes a look at the recent history of the topic and how corporate battle lines are being drawn.

A new transport future for L.A.: Hoping to make right their car-centric “legacy of shame,” elected leaders in Los Angeles are eagerly pushing forward a mobility plan that will prioritize bus and bike lanes over driving lanes.

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