Another person has managed to drive onto the I-205 path

"It's not my fault"
“It’s not my fault”

In 2013 someone managed to get their car partway across the Columbia River on the I-205 multi-use path. Now it has happened again.

Three years ago a woman drove until the path narrowed so much that her car got sandwiched between the path barriers. This time the person driving the car realized her mistake (partly due to bicycle riders who had stopped to talk to her) and didn’t get very far. The driver looked flummoxed and seemed to have just made an innocent mistake.

Local resident Spencer Hubble was apparently riding the 205 multi-use path when he came upon the car. It appears she entered the path by turning left onto the path at this location. Hubble was clearly amused to see her there.


What strikes me is something I’ve noticed a lot lately- overly lax infrastructure that allows a large amount of dangerous activity. This is part of the reason I’m a fan of grade-separated bike infrastructure, even if it’s just a few inches of curb next to a cycle path.

While it wouldn’t stop every driver, it’d certainly be more difficult to argue “I didn’t know” if there was a bollard or a curb in the way. Then again, at some point people who operate vehicles — especially large ones with powerful engines and made out of steel — need to learn how to use them responsibly.

Journalist Lizzy Acker reached out to police and didn’t receive a response. In the 2013 event the driver wasn’t even cited.

– Ted Timmons, @tedder42

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