Community Cycling Center unveils new logo, website and a very nice video

Northeast Portland’s bikes-for-all charity/advocacy organization and nonprofit bike shop has a new look.

For the second time since its founding in 1994, the Community Cycling Center has “refreshed” its branding, offering a new digital-friendly logo and one of those scroll-y mobile-friendly websites.

Here’s a fun GIF of CEO Mychal Tetteh personally unveiling the new logo:

That is the smile of somebody who no longer has to plan
the details of a brand refresh.

To celebrate the occasion, there’s also a quality video that talks about the CCC’s work through the story of Laquida Landford, a Portlander who earned her bike at the shop and rides it regularly.

“Sometimes you just want to tune everything out and be in your own space,” she explains in the short film by NW Documentary.

The brand refresh was a pro bono project by the folks at full-service creative agency BPN.


For the benefit of local bike historians, the CCC has also circulated photos of its previous two logos, taken outside its shop at 17th and Alberta. Here’s CCC founder Brian Lacy sometime in the 1990s, with the original sign:

And here’s the one we’ve gotten used to over the last decade or so:

“Our community needs to hear powerful stories like Laquida’s,” Tetteh said in a news release. “Our work is about more than just the bike, but the life-changing impact this tool can make.”

The CCC hopes its new website will be part of that, communications manager Melinda Musser adds.

“We hope to grow our blog into a more robust community space where more of our partners can share stories like Laquida’s,” Musser wrote on the blog.

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