Short on storage space? Portlander builds her own bike hooks

(Photo courtesy Halley Weaver)

Here’s a quick bike how-to that can save some space in a garage while minimizing drilling into the walls.

It’s from Halley Weaver, who many Portlanders might know from her performances as a “zero-emissions harpist.” With space at a premium in her garage, she threw together a simple plan to consolidate: hang the 12 bikes from the walls.

Weaver shares the specs on her blog:

We are renting the townhouse we’re in and can’t be drilling a ton of holes in our garage. What did we decide on doing? Due to our transportation confines, we got a 6″ x 2″ x 12′ board and had it cut in half at the hardware store. So now we have two 6′ boards. We picked up eight 4″ lag bolts (2 for each end of each board) and 12 bike hooks.

In addition to preventing holes in the wall, the boards also allow more densely spaced hooks because they attach directly to the studs.

Not a complicated trick, but in a state where 20 percent of households own three or more bicycles, it’s one that might be useful in a lot of garages.

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