Wear Oregon’s crosswalk law on your chest

A shirt that’s also a traffic sign.
(Photo: Brian Davis)

Ever been frustrated when other road users don’t respect Oregon’s crosswalk laws? Now you can wear a helpful reminder on your chest thanks to a new t-shirt that will turn you into a walking traffic sign.

Our friends and neighbors at Lancaster Engineering (who are nice enough to rent part of their office to us) have stepped up to promote safe walking by offering t-shirts that have an official Oregon regulatory sign plastered across the front. The t-shirts are being offered by Lancaster to help raise money for Portland-based non-profit Oregon Walks (it also happens to be Walktober in case you didn’t know).

And for all you wonks out there, you’ll be happy to know that the design on the shirt is MUTCD compliant…

As well as being a fundraiser, the shirts were inspired out of frustration with the many people who fail to stop when someone is trying to cross this street. Despite valiant efforts by PBOT and various advocates through the years, there’s still a need to raise awareness of Oregon’s crosswalk laws — so why not just put it on a t-shirt?!

The cost is a suggested donation to Oregon Walks of $20-25. If you want one, get in touch with the folks at Lancaster via email (info [at] or contact employee Brian Davis on Twitter @briandavispdx.

— Since we’re on the topic, you can learn more about Oregon’s walking laws via this handy animation. If you’re curious/confused about how/if/when Oregon’s crosswalk laws apply to you while riding a bike, check out our recent story on that topic.

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