Movie spoof says Sandy Blvd is the “worst street ever”

A spoof movie trailer making the local Internet rounds today has transportation wonks crying with laughter. The trailer is for a film dubbed “Sandy Blvd.” and the premise is simple: “Sandy is the worst F#$%I* street ever!” If you watch the clip below at work, just be forewarned there is a lot of profanity.

Sandy Blvd - Official Trailer (Red Band Trailer)

Anyone that has tried to drive or bike or cross NE Sandy Blvd will relate to this. On a similar note, I’ve reported in the past that, despite its risks and annoyances, Sandy Blvd remains a popular bikeway for some due to its direct connection between downtown and various neighborhoods. Being diagonal is convenient once you’re on it; but that’s also what makes many of its intersections difficult to cross and to navigate.

Too bad bikes didn’t make it into the trailer. Even so, it’s hilarious!

— This trailer is directed by A.Z. Chandler and will appear with many others at Spectravagasm from October 5th through the 27th at Milepost 5.

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