Three new bike-based businesses spring up

I’m happy to have three more bike-based businesses to introduce you to. Two of them are food-related, and we’ve got yet another service-related bike business (to add to the plumber, landscaper, general contractor, couriers, and others!).

Momo Cart

Momo Cart is a food cart run out of a bike trailer that sells Nepalese steamed dumplings. The cart opened in June and is the work of Evan Feenstra and his business partners Roshan and Hailey Bhai (Roshan is a native of Nepal). Evan says momos are standard snacking fare in Nepal and they’ve kept the same recipe you’d find on the streets there. Another tradition they follow is to pulling the cart by bike, which Evan says is often how they’re sold in Nepal.

They built the trailer themselves using old parts and bamboo from a neighbor’s house, then they bought a Surly hitch and wheels from Clever Cycles and they were ready to roll. They are open in Laurelhurst Park every day except Monday and they also work events. Learn more at and on their Facebook page.

Steamin’ Hot Carpet Clean

Northeast Portland resident Jeff Johnson cleans carpets and upholstery by bike. Steamin’ Hot Carpet Clean has been on the streets since June. Jeff pulls his cleaning rig via a trailer behind his Trek mountain bike. Jeff has three years of cleaning experience under his belt. He says as an “avid cyclist” he was inspired to start doing his work by bike and that he is excited to offer a “green approach to a not-so-green industry.”

Learn more at

Raw Potential

Raw Potential is a new food business based on a Bullitt cargo bike. The owner, Jeffrey Schoenfeld, makes snacks and drinks that are non-dairy, vegan, organic, and raw. From what I’ve heard (from our friends at Splendid Cycles who sold him the cargo bike), his almond and macadamia milk is fantastic. You can find Raw Potential at the Irvington Farmer’s Market on Sundays from 10:30 to 2:30.

Check out for more info.

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