Bike N Hike’s new ‘I am Cyclist’ video

Still from video.
-Watch it below-

Local shop Bike n Hike has launched a new, summer marketing campaign. The first big piece of it is a commercial titled, “I am Cyclist.”

The video was shot on location in Portland and produced by Reel Innovative. It features several characters (one of whom is a Bike N Hike employee) who share the various characteristics that make them a “cyclist.” Some of the most common biking stereotypes are represented including the roadie, the mountain biker, and the fixed gear rider. Each rider type shares a few things that makes them a “cyclist” and then proudly proclaims (with patriotic music in the background), “I am cyclist!”

The mountain biker says, “I know what mud tastes like,” and “I cauterize my own wounds and set my own bones.”

The fixed gear rider says, “I’ve been hit by a car three times. Today,” and “What stop sign?”

A women dressed in spandex says, “I don’t mind the rain, it’s just nature’s tears for all the cars on the road,” and “I have a whole lane dedicated just to me.”

Check it out:

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