Sneak peek at The Intertwine’s new way-finding signs

Five way-finding signs will be installed
in Tigard along the Fanno Creek Trail.
(Map courtesy City of Tigard)

Riding a bike on Portland’s streets is made easier by the presence of way-finding signs.

Unfortunately once you get off the street and on to a trail you don’t find many (if any) directional signs. That’s especially true if you’re riding on trails in Washington or Clackamas County.

The folks at The Intertwine are trying to fix the problem by partnering with local jurisdictions to install way-finding signs along the Metro area’s trail network.

When I stopped by the future home of the signs yesterday there was one in place but just minutes after I arrived a crew came and took the sign down. They explained the signs were up as part of a “test run” and were being taken down to avoid vandalism until officials have a chance to view them early next week.

Once the signs get the official go-ahead all five will be put in place near downtown Tigard and the public will have a chance to weigh in on the signs’ design and effectiveness. The long-term plan is to install signs like these across the Metro region.

You can check out one of the signs in the picture below, or in person on the Fanno Creek Trail later next week.

What do you think? Will these signs make it easier to ride on our network of trails and paths?

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