The Monday Roundup

Secure bike parking might become an
employer-provided perk in San Fancisco.
(Photo: Will Vanlue/BikePortland)

Here’s the news and other cool stuff that caught our eyes this past week…

– Have you seen the “Magnic Light” over on Kickstarter? It looks to us like it could revolutionize the bike lighting world. It’s a wireless dynamo that’s super bright. Check it out.

– Tea Party members are pushing hard to eliminate federal funding for public transit and bike facilities under the notion that transportation projects are part of a plot by the United Nations to “herd citizens toward cities.”

– 87-year-old retired Oregon State professor Bill Brown died from his injuries last week after a woman driving a car struck him as he rode his recumbent trike on January 9th.

– This new GPS bike theft tracker looks very promising because it conceals itself in the headtube.

– The fight over Project Park West is heating back up after anti-bicycle-lane group Neighbors for Better Bike Lanes appealed a ruling which threw out a challenge to the wildly popular cycle track.

– A man in Bristol, U.K. was been jailed for using a motor vehicle “as a weapon” to attack another man on a bicycle.

– Centenarian Robert Marchand set the first-ever track record for his age group. Marchand said he didn’t set out on his track bike to create the record but instead “just wanted to do something for [his] 100th birthday.”

– Green bike lanes will be disappearing from a Los Angeles street after it was discovered the pavement markings interfere with the filming of car commercials and other location shoots.

– One mother in Arkansas faces a year in prison and a $1,000 fine for forcing her son to walk to school after the child was suspended from riding the bus.

-The Bay Area Air Quality Management District issued a Request for Proposal for a bike sharing pilot program to be launched on July 1st.

– School Board members in Imperial Beach, California voted 3-2 to maintain their current policy of labeling biking to school as a “dangerous activity.”

– New Zealand Cycle Classic Tour director Jorge Sandoval feels riding without a helmet in New Zealand is not a “sensible option” adding, “I only wear helmets because all drivers here are idiots.”

– A rapid transit line in the Philippines lifted its ban on folding bicycles after citizens advocated for the change.

– Employers in downtown San Francisco may soon be required to provide bike parking for their employees.

– Bill Walsh tackles the assumption that “normal people aren’t bike commuters.”

– Protesters are planning a “human chain” to block the first installment of the World Naked Bike Ride in Tauranga, New Zealand.

– Two pedestrians were killed in Chicago by a man driving a car at 80-90 mph in a 30 mph zone.

– Residents of Savannah, Georgia are seeing the benefits of a “road diet” after the first of six projects to create neighborhood bike lanes was completed on Price Street.

– Officials in Bordeaux released a concept for a new combination scooter and bicycle.

– Bicycling magazine released the results of their reader survey which found 50% of men and 58% of women would rather give up sex than cycling.

– And finally, there’s a new book coming out from Bike Snob NYC. Check out the hilarious promo video below:

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