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BBC goes ‘Close-up’ on Zoobombing

Buffered Bike Lane with a bike symbol and arrow pointing forward

BBC journalist interviews Zoobomber
and PPB spokesman downtown.

The esteemed British Broadcast Corporation has turned its lens on Zoobombing. The beloved Portland institution is the focus of a recent BBC “Close-up” segment.

The short piece offers classic footage that is hilarious (in a good way). It features a serious journalist interviewing Zoobomb’s “Handsome” Dave and Portland Police Bureau spokesman Peter Simpson in front of the Zoobomb Pyle.

There are some memorable quotes as well that will surely be repeated up on “the Hill” for weeks and months to come such as; Handsome Dave calling Zoobomb “the original open-source bike club.”

My other favorite parts…

The reporter:

“So this is a group of adults on children’s bikes, hurtling at high speeds down a hillside?”

Handsome Dave:

“Absolutely. Fun-loving daredevils”

PPB spokesman:

“The Police Bureau has adapted to it over the years and we don’t have too many issues with Zoobombing as far as a law-enforcement response. The neighbors enjoy watching it sometimes and the participants sort of police themselves.”

I also love how a thumbnail for the segment sits adjacent to other, much more serious news from around the world. Ha!

Check it out on the BBC’s website (and take note of who shot the still images!)