Video of new Ventura Park pump track in action

Still from video of Ventura Park
pump track in action.
– Watch it below –

The new pump track at Ventura Park in East Portland is well on its way to being completed and we’ve got video proof of how awesome it is.

Since volunteers began slinging shovels and dirt last month, the track has taken shape nicely. The Northwest Trail Alliance is managing the build operation, under an official partnership with Portland Parks & Recreation.

Tom Archer with NWTA says they’re about 90 percent done with the track and that, “Kids are already swamping it… It’s getting a lot of use.”

Archer had more good news to announce today. He says that local company Portland Design Works has stepped up to be the primary sponsor of the project with a donation of “several thousand” dollars.

John “Dabby” Campbell has spent many hours working the track and he took some of the first runs last week. “This is a sweet track to ride,” he shared, “It has good flow and continuity.”

Dabby sent us video of himself and others riding the new track. Check it out (Please note: Soundtrack on video is NSFW)…

As you can see in this NW Trail Alliance blog post, there’s also a separate “kiddie track” for the little ones.

This is such a promising project and we hope this is just the first of many pump track throughout the city. Stay tuned for more coverage and watch the NW Trail Alliance website for opportunities to help out.

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