PBOT adds caution striping at dangerous SW Terwilliger intersection

Following an injury collision involving a Multnomah County Judge last month, the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) has re-striped the intersection of SW Terwilliger and SW Condor.

Here’s how the intersection looked prior to the new treatment:

(Photo: PPB)

And here’s how it looks now (photo sent in by reader):

After Multnomah County Judge Kathleen Dailey was involved in a collision while bicycling through this intersection, many BikePortland readers wrote in to share their concerns. Turns out this was is an intersection that a lot of people feel is unsafe. Soon after Judge Dailey’s collision, PBOT Director Tom Miller said his team would analyze the intersection and make some changes.

From the looks of the photo above, PBOT’s response was to add zebra stripes to the crosswalk, and bolster visibility of the bike lane with the now-familiar green color.

Miller has also said changes can be expected at the intersection of NE Couch and Grand, another notoriously dangerous place to ride a bicycle that has claimed several recent victims.

Have you ridden by this intersection since the re-stripe? I’d love to know if it feels safer to you and/or how you feel about the changes.

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