Morrison Bridge path to close for construction project – Updated

Morrison Bridge bike-walk path dedication event-12
Will close Monday.
(Photo © J. Maus)

Multnomah County announced yesterday that the multi-use path on the Morrison Bridge will close to all traffic beginning Monday (6/13) and the multi-use path that serves both directions of bike traffic will be closed until mid-September of this year.

The closure is for a $4.2 million construction project that will replace the metal lift span with a solid deck surface that will improve traction and safety for motor vehicles. The project is expected to last until late this year. Below is the breakdown of how traffic will be impacted:

This closure comes amid several others in the area that have impacted bicycle traffic, including a segment of the Esplanade near OMSI (for TriMet bridge construction), the floating portion of the Esplanade (due to high water), and Waterfront Park just south of the Steel Bridge (due to the Rose Festival).

I asked county spokesperson Mike Pullen for more details on how the Morrison closure will impact the multi-use path (which serves both directions of bike travel).

“The MUP will be closed for the first half of the project, when the contractor will replace the open steel deck grating on the south half of the lift spans. The south phase should be done later this summer. Then the work will shift to the north side of the lift span and the MUP will reopen.”

Pullen says people should use the Hawthorne and Burnside bridges as alternate routes.

“We regret the inconvenience to bicyclists and pedestrians,” Pullen wrote to us via email, “especially in the short term when the Esplanade path is closed north of the Morrison due to high water.”

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