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New, Portland-based ‘Icarus Lights’ offers custom builds

Buffered Bike Lane with a bike symbol and arrow pointing forward

Made by Icarus Lights (note: light
shown is not most current design).
(Photo: Icarus Lights)

Icarus Lights is a new, Portland-based company that makes made-to-order bike lights. The company was launched just a few weeks ago by native Portlander and self-described “avid bike racer” (with Team Oregon) Pat Gerke.

I came across the Icarus website yesterday and got in touch with Pat to learn more. Pat says he started thinking about making his own lights last fall when he needed a new one and couldn’t find anything that seemed worth the price tag. “I started tinkering around and building my own lights. It grew from a curiosity to a hobby to a passion and finally to Icarus Lights.”

Over the past year, Pat says he’s researched high and low to find the best connectors, switches, optics, and designs. In true entrepreneurial and DIY spirit, Pat machines each unit by hand and solders all his own electronics at his home-based shop (a.k.a. “my kitchen table”). The anodizing and engraving are done locally and the CPU’s in his lights are built in the U.S.

Here are the product details via the Icarus Lights website:

“At the core of each light is a feather-light aluminum casing, equipped with two state-of-the-art LEDs. Emitting 700 lumens on the highest of three brightness modes, the light also has a blinking mode for increased visibility while riding in traffic. Powering the light is a diminutive battery pack, which can easily be mounted to the stem, top tube or wherever best suits you.”

A very cool thing about this company is that you can custom-build the exact light you want — from beam pattern to battery type and accessories — all online (there’s even a nifty slider tool that lets you choose the beam pattern).

Great to see another local, start-up bike company. Best of luck Pat and we’ll look forward to hearing more from you and Icarus Lights in the future.

[Believe it or not, Icarus is not the only local bike light company. Brian Engelen makes his Light On Lights from his shop in Beaverton. We reviewed one of Brian’s lights back in 2009.]