‘Self-Balancing Unicycle’ gets major upgrades in V2.0

Self Balancing Unicycle - SBU-9
SBU creator Daniel Wood.
(Photo © J. Maus)

Remember the SBU — the electic Self-Balancing Unicycle made just north of Portland in Camas, Washington? I got acquainted with it back in February when I ran into its creator, Daniel Wood of Focus Designs, at a local e-bike shop.

Daniel dropped me a line the other day to share that he’s made some major improvements and is now selling a “V2.0” design (which can be yours for $1,499). He’s also had a slick video made (watch it below) to show the new SBU in action.

Whether you are into this concept or not, you have to respect the engineering and execution of this thing. As someone who rode the first version, I can attest that this thing is pretty brilliant. Watch it in action below and try one out for yourself at The E-Bike Store in North Portland. More details at the Focus Designs website.

Check the video below, which features several shots of the Springwater Corridor Trail…

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