Update on Karl Moritz: Making progress, but many unknowns

Several readers have emailed and posted in the Forums wondering how Karl Moritz is doing. Karl is the man who crashed his bike near Ladds Circle back in June. When he collided with a car traveling in the opposite direction, the impact resulted in a serious brain injury that left him in a coma.

The last time we shared an update, in mid-July, Karl had still not awaken from his coma. Thankfully he is now awake and speaking. I heard from his wife Staci yesterday. Here’s what she shared:

“Karl is out of coma and speaking in complete sentences. The extent of his brain injury is not known at this time. He will move from the hospital to inpatient physical rehab in a couple of weeks. It is still a very scary time, as no doctor can give a prognosis. Karl, however, is making progress every day.”

Given the circumstances, that has to be seen as promising news. For previous stories about Karl Moritz, including how you can donate to his family (he has two young boys), see our archives or visit

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