Best thing I’ve heard yet about the Gulf oil disaster

[via The Rachel Maddow Show Blog]

Meet Malik Rahim, a former Black Panther and noted activist from Louisiana who’s training for a bike ride from Houma to Washington, D.C. to raise awareness about environmental justice and the loss of wetlands in the Gulf of Mexico…

This guy is a ray of light in a dark time:

“Some say I’m crazy. Some say my time could be better used doing other things, I’m too old. That’s why I’m out there, for future generations. So that they can say that if life is destroyed as we know it, that at least there was one old man that tried to wake up this nation.”

He’s asking people to join him on his 45 day ride. Rahim plans to stop along the way to talk to politicians and anyone else who will listen to his message. “If we take this as an opportunity not just a disaster… it’s not insurmountable… we can do it if we come together as a people.”

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