New shop, ‘Splendid Cycles’ focuses on cargo bikes

Spendid Cycles storefront.
(Photo: Splendid Cycles)

In the latest sign that the cargo bike movement is flourishing in Portland, Joel and Barb Grover (both former employees of Bike Gallery) have opened Splendid Cycles on SE 14th and Belmont.

The store specializes in hard-to-find cargo bikes. Currently in the line-up are bikes from Copenhagen-based Larry vs Harry and from local builders Metrofiets and Joseph Ahearne.

Splendid boasts the largest inventory in North America of the Larry vs. Harry “Bullitt” model, a front-loading cargo bike that is built for speed (as its name suggests). I test-rode a Bullitt back in November and found it to be a very fun bike (so did my kids).

Metrofiets is a custom builder based in Northeast Porltand that is most well-known for the Hopworksfiets Beer Bike. Splendid plans to carry a stock Metrofiets model.

The Ahearne Cycle Truck.
(Photo © J. Maus)

Splendid is also the first dealer of the Ahearne Cycle Truck, a bike that is impressing a lot of people for its versatility, smooth ride, and load-carrying ability. The Cycle Truck was designed by Ahearne and is built by Co-Motion Cycles in Eugene, Oregon.

Splendid knows its bikes aren’t cheap, so they’ve got financing plans all ready to go.

If you wonder what vibe you’ll find at Splendid, they’ve posted five tenets that will guide their business:

Appropriate Transportation
We encourage bicycling, walking, transit, and car sharing; help reduce reliance on automobiles.

Local Living
When possible buy local and support local groups; encourage awareness of local products and food options.

Supportive Communities
We participate as an active member of our community giving back to those making Portland a better place; we create a place that is respectful and supports the health and well being of our customers and employees.

We value creativity and artistic expression.

Watersheds and Wildlife
We honor, enjoy, and advocate for the protection of the environment in urban areas and beyond.

Joel Grover is the former buyer for Bike Gallery with 20 years of retail experience. His wife Barb was formerly Bike Gallery’s Community Outreach and Marketing Manager. Drop by and say hi to this fantastic duo next time you’re in the neighborhood. Good luck Joel and Barb!

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