Inspiration for separation on Burnside Bridge

Streetfilms has published a new video that details a new, physically separated bike lane that has been installed on the Burrard Bridge in Vancouver, B.C..

Lanes on the Burnside Bridge
(Google Streetview)

Bike planners in that city have made biking and walking over the bridge much more pleasant by simply re-allocating lane space and adding a concrete barrier to separate motor vehicle and non-motorized traffic. The bridge reminds me of the Burnside Bridge in Portland where the standard bike lane has become a safety issue that warranted stop-gap measures and riled up advocates.

In Vancouver city officials are calling the separated bike lane on the Burrard Bridge a “trial” (sound familiar?). So far, it seems to be going quite well.

If Portland is serious about attracting the “interested but concerned,” we’ve got to build more separated bikeways (the Morrison Bridge improvements are a good start).

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