City releases new video to explain cycle tracks, buffered bike lanes

On the Right Track from Sam Adams on Vimeo.

Here are the opening lines of the City’s new short film to explain the benefits of cycle tracks and buffered bike lanes. (Mayor Adams’ transportation policy director Catherine Ciarlo is the narrator):

“We all want to live in a city with clean air, safe streets, healthier, happier people, and stress free commutes… Yeah, that last one’s tough; with so many people trying to get to so many places in so many ways — especially cars and bikes that share the same roads. So here in the city, we’ve been thinking — how can we help bikes and cars get where they need to go safely and efficiently? To us, it’s the next step to toward creating a healthier, more sustainable city.”

The short film mixes live action with animations. The animations were done by Portlander Spencer Boomhower (the same guy who did the widely distributed piece that explained how the Idaho Stop Law works) and Will Heiberg did the character modeling and texturing. The film was created by Portland-based Gyroscope Pictures.

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