Rally tomorrow for “most pro-bike mayor we’ve had in Portland”

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(Photo © J. Maus)

There’s a rally in support of Mayor Adams planned for 5:30 pm tomorrow at City Hall.

Here’s an email I received from a reader about it:

“As you know, Sam has stepped up to the plate for the bikers of Portland many times, and risked his political neck for us just as many. Are we, as a community, then going to leave him to the wolves for a thank you? No, I say we need to take a stand. Now, he is the one that needs our support. Now is not the time for liberal hand wringing. We need to take up the fight to support someone who has supported us, even when it was politically unpopular to do so. This is absolutely relevant to the bike community. His politics are why we elected him, not his private sex life. I hope you will join us in taking a stand for the most pro-bike mayor we’ve had in Portland, and put an announcement on your website about this rally.”

The rally is being planned over on the SamIsStillMyMayor blog.

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Support for Adams is strong with Portlanders who care about biking. I’ve noticed many of the 800 or so members of the Support Sam Adams Facebook group are familiar names from the bike scene.

And here’s another email I received today:

“I urge you in your capacity of editor of BikePortland to call on Sam Adams to get back to business and get us some sidewalks and cycling facilities already. Perhaps even suggest that if he finds himself unable to get his job done in a few months he can think about leaving but right now we want him to move on and get some work done.”

Will you attend the rally? What are your feelings at this point? How does Adams’ support of biking figure into your assessment of this situation?

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