City Auditor’s survey: Fewer cars, more bikes, and safer streets

This chart from the City Auditor’s 2008 Service, Efforts, and Accomplishments survey shows that in some NE Portland neighborhoods, 29% of residents use a bicycle as their primary or secondary mode to get to work.
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The annual Service, Efforts, and Accomplishments Survey (SEA) from the City Auditor has been released and the results show that Portland’s streets are getting safer as more Portlanders go by bike and fewer people drive to work alone.

The survey results were released last night. Among the mountains of data in the full report are several interesting tidbits about biking and traffic safety. Here are the highlights:

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Tree-lined streets and smart engineering
have helped lead to a 13% bike commute
mode share in inner SE Portland.
(Photo © J. Maus)

One stat that PDOT’s bike planners love to see each year is the combined total of what residents say is their primary and secondary mode of travel to and from work. In the bike-riding hotspots of inner SE and NE Portland, that number is 26% and 29% respectively.

This year, inner NE Portland finally edged out SE Portland as the bikiest area of town. Last year, 24% of inner SE Portlanders said the bike was either their primary or secondary choice while that number was just 23% for inner NE Portlanders.

Interesting to note is that inner NE and inner SE both report a 13% bike commute mode share.

*Update: City bike coordinator Roger Geller points out to me that the 13% bike commute number is likely to be “significantly higher” because, “on any given day some of those 13-16% secondary users are also going to be out bicycling to work.”

He also send over a few more graphs with the neighborhood bike commute percentage breakdowns:

“People Reporting the Bicycle as Their Primary Commute Vehicle – 2008”
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“People Reporting the Bicycle as Their Primary or Secondary Commute Vehicle – 2008”
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More SEA survey results, along with many other interesting surveys from the City Auditor can be found at

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