Bike amenities make PDX 9th healthiest airport

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The main bike path at PDX
leads right into the
terminal (and bike parking).
(Photos © J. Maus)

After a comprehensive analysis of the nation’s major airports, Health magazine and a panel of experts ranked Portland International Airport the ninth “healthiest” in the country.

Not surprisingly, the magazine listed several of the PDX’s bike amenities as reasons for the top ranking. Here’s the first paragraph from the blurb that runs on their website:

Portland doesn’t disappoint with a paved bicycle-and-walking path that links local hotels, businesses, and regional hiking and biking trails to the airport. The airport offers free covered bicycle parking adjacent to the terminal too.

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Bike parking facility near the terminal.

This survey took all health factors into account, but I’m pretty sure if someone ever did a “most bike-friendly airport” ranking, PDX would come out on top.

Not only are they developing a bike-path network around the airport, they’ve got ample parking, they’re in the process of installing a bike assembly area, and they have many bike lovers on their planning staff. Not to mention, PDX has got to be the only airport in the country that has done a major art exhibition of locally made custom bicycles.

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