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BTA looks to bolster Board of Directors

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BTA Board Chair Hugh Bynum
(Photos © J. Maus)

The Portland-based Bicycle Transportation Alliance (BTA) is looking to expand their Board of Directors. The
BTA’s Board is a key part of the organization and it helps set the direction and tone of their advocacy work.

Their Board currently operates with 12 members, but according to public affairs director Karl Rohde, their bylaws allow up to 20. Six of the eight potential new Board members are new and have yet to serve a two-year term.

Current BTA Board members include; TriMet Communications Director Mary Fetsch, TriMet Administrator John Bloss, Bike Gallery President Daniel McGinnis, real estate developer Jim Meakin, and retired Intel employee Hugh Bynum (Board Chair).

Rohde says they’re looking to have a larger Board because, “there are a lot of people in the community that are interested in getting involved with bike advocacy at a higher level.” He also added that they are looking to expand the BTA’s reach, elect people with new skill sets and, “get some fresh voices.”

Votes for Board candidates are only open to BTA members and votes must be received by the end of this month.

Among the candidates on the ballot are…

Paul on a bike.

Paul Adkins
Adkins is an advocate and Bike Friday employee based in Eugene. He is the president of the advocacy group GEARs (Greater Eugene Area Riders), and as a father of four kids, he was instrumental in sparking the Kidical Mass movement that has spread from Eugene to Portland.

Austin flying the family flag.

Austin Ramsland
Austin has been active in the handmade bike scene. His wife Natalie Ramsland, is the builder behind Sweetpea Bicycles and he was instrumental in making the Handmade in Oregon exhibit at the Portland Airport come to life. Most recently, Austin has spearheaded the Oregon Manifest Bike Show which is set to take place next month.

John Beaston in his natural habitat.

John Beaston
John is a stalwart volunteer in the Portland bike community. As a co-founder of EasyStreet Online Services, he donates web server space to organizations like the Oregon Bicycle Racing Association (OBRA) and the Bicycle Transportation Alliance (BTA). He also does the dirty work as a volunteer for the Community Cycling Center (CCC).

Tom at the Worst Day of the Year ride.

Tom Knipe
Tom is the former Director of Programs and Interim Executive Director at the CCC. He now works as an event organizer and sponsorship coordinator for Good Sport Promotions/OR Bike (the folks behind the Portland Century, Worst Day of the Year Ride, etc…).

Jim showed up to a rally
for the Flanders Bridge.

Jim Middaugh
Jim is former Chief of Staff for City Commissioner Erik Sten and he made a respectable run at City Hall himself in the recent primary election. Jim has experience with major non-profit environmental groups as well congressional experience as an aide to Rep. Peter DeFazio.

It’s great to see some new blood coming into the BTA (especially such stellar folks like these) and I look forward to seeing where these new Board members take the organization.

[*Not shown but also running for the first time is Tommy Brooks. Mary Roberts and Board Chair Hugh Bynum are running for re-election.]

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