A ‘Green Street’ made safer with new markings

New markings at SE 12th and Clay-2.jpg
A new bike lane design encourages
cyclists to use an advanced stop bar.
(Photo © J. Maus)

The City of Portland Office of Transportation (PDOT) has added new bike lane markings on SE Clay Street at 12th.

In a partnership between PDOT and the Bureau of Environmental Services (BES), Clay Street has been the focus of a special “Green Street” project (this project has nothing to do with the new green bike lanes and bike boxes PDOT is also working on).

According to BES, the SE Clay Green Street project is intended to give residents a safer connection to the Willamette riverfront while providing sustainable stormwater management.

One way they’ve done this is to install curb extensions that are full of natural plants that soak up rain water and other runoff.

In order to encourage cyclists to take full advantage of the curb extension, PDOT’s bicycle coordinator Roger Geller says he’s decided to test a new bike lane striping method that encourages cyclists to position themselves all the way to the end of the curb extension. Geller says,

“The intent of curb extensions is to allow cyclists to get further out into the roadway, and thus make them more visible to motorists, give them better sight lines, and most importantly to decrease their crossing distance.”

(Photo: Roger Geller)

Geller adds that, “This new striping pattern we’re testing will hopefully clearly communicate that and encourage more cyclists to take full advantage of the design.”

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